ECARC provides Volunteer Examiners to administer license examinations in the Amateur Radio Service. Our testing session are conducted on third Tuesday of each month except December.  The location changes depending on what is available.  Contact Marvin Ward (972 268-0915) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info.


The new process for  getting license:

  1. You must have a valid email address.
  2. You will need to get a FRN number from FCC. Link below.

FCC Registration - Login

  1. Register for testing session. Link below

All sessions are now scheduled through the Hamstudy site.  Look for the Ellis County TX sessions. Cutting edge amateur radio study tools

Top right of page click find a session and follow the instructions. The VEC we use is W5YI-VEC.

 If you want to test online (remote) I would suggest  the SSRC group from the Hamstudy list.  They are good and have lots of sessions.

(This site is also a good study site as well.  You can do tests to see if you are ready for the real thing.)

  1. Show up and pass the test.

Needed items for the test:

a. Your number from the registration in hamstudy.

b. Hard copy of ID (DL, CHL etc.)

c. $14 cash for each attempt. If you pass you can attempt the next level test for free.

d. Good attitude.

I have been doing sessions paperless on furnished  laptop or tablet so if you have difficulty using these please let me know and I can arrange paper options.

  1. Pay the FCC Link below.

Once we submit the application to the FCC, the FCC will give it a File #, and then the applicant will receive an email from the FCC with full instructions to pay the $35 fee. 

NOTE: You do not need to wait for an email from the FCC to make a payment.    You can login into CORES and check for an application that needs to be paid.   If the applicant does not pay the required fee within 10 (calendar) days, the application will be dismissed and they will not receive a license.  This will only apply to New (unlicensed) licensees, Renewals, and new Vanity callsign requests.  Upgrades, Address change, and Name change applications will NOT be assessed the new fee.  FCC Pay Fees

The FCC will send you an email with your call sign.


Congratulations.  Now go key the mic and get talking.

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