Like many of you I purchased an MMDVM hotspot primarily for DMR.  I have a ZumSpot and one of the Chinese clones typically referred to as a “Jumbospot.”  I run the free Pi-Star software on both.  Both work great and I enjoy the wide array of DMR talk groups available.

One of the really cool things about the Pi-Star software is it supports many different modes.  The 3.4.17 version supports DMR, YSF, D-Star, P25, NXDN, POCSAG, along with DMR2YSF and YSF2DMR.  You can actually run multiple modes simultaneously.  This short “How To” focuses on adding YSF to a Pi-Star hotspot where DMR is already up and running.   I will cover some of the other modes in upcoming posts.   

Many of us also have Yaesu HT’s, mobiles, or even base station rigs capable of running YSF.  Did you know you can use your MMDVM hotspot to communicate via YSF as well?  In fact, if you choose to, you can run DMR and YSF simultaneously on your Pi-Star powered hotspot.   These instructions show you how to do just that.  The “Pi-star YSF Configuration” doc shows you how to add YSF to an MMDVM/Pi-Star hotspot and configure a connection to the Americas Link WiresX room.   Oops, I just used a new term, “room”.    My analogy may not be 100% correct but I equate WiresX Rooms to DMR talk groups.  Seems to work for me.

Keep in mind that for this configuration you will use your DMR radio to communicate via DMR and your Yaesu YSF capable radio to communicate via YSF.  You can have both radios on at the same time. 


Pi-Star YSF Configuration


Don’t be afraid to experiment!  That’s what amateur radio is all about!



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