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Things have been moving fast in the DMR world.   Dual band DMR HT's (UHF/VHF, Analog/Digital (DMR))
are ruling the marketplace.   There are six to eight, probably more, dual band DMR HT's to choose from.
I am a big advocate of buying something others in the club or nearby own, so you have a local support network.

Today my two suggestions are:

TYT UV380 with GPS @ $139
Grapevine Amateur Radio

I chose this radio primarily because I have several batteries, chargers and other bits for the MD380. The
UV380 uses the same accessories.


Anytone AT-UV878uv with GPS @ $209  & with Bluetooth @ $238

Bridgecom Systems

Some of our members have found these on Amazon or other places.  Everyone I know that owns the
Anytone loves it.  Jerry KE5JC, Barry K5BSM and several others have them and love them.


Main Trading Co  (MTCradio) has sold the Radio with GPS @ $139 at swapmeets.  Keep an eye out on
their website as they sell out quickly.


I hope this helps.


These postings are just my opinion. I am not a DMR expert.