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This year at Field Day, Chris WA5DM will be doing a Fox hunt.  Anyone wishing to participate may do so and all that is needed is a handy talkie and a directional antenna.
I be posting a link to several Tape Measure antennas below as well as a list of components which will cost around $20 or less.  If you want you can purchase the items needed
and we can construct them at field day as well as tune them.  The only thing I would suggest is making up the coax cable connection end that will connect to your radio before
coming to Field Day.

Items needed -

3/4" PVC Tee      x1
3/4" PVC 4 way  x2
3/4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe - at least 25"
Hose clamps that will fit over the Tee & 4-way PVC connections - 6 ( 2 if you want to use self-tapping screws on the director and reflector)

8' RG-58 or RG-8x cable with connector for your radio -  suggested to have made up before Field Day
5" wire - 18gauge -  can use 12ga or 14ga house wire

1 Tape measure with 1" wide tape -  Best purchased at HarborFreight for $2.99 unless they are on sale.


These are links to 2 available builds of the Tape measure antenna, the first is where I pulled the list of components.

Tape measure Antenna Instructables

Tape Measure Beam - Joe Leggio WB2HOL

Below is a link to KC9ON's website with a purchasable kit or ready made attenuator.  Kit form is $8 and pre-built is $12
You can purchase a 3/4 pvc junction box that will mount inline behind the director on the antenna and add a handle if you wish.

 FoxHunt Attenuator

If you have any questions please email me and I will try to answer any questions you have.

Robert - KO5RP